Slaves or Children of God?


Why do we find it easy to accept that animals, insects and other beautiful things such as plants are creatures.  Yet we have a problem accepting that we are also, creatures. Human being’s are creatures, created by the Creator (Al-Khaliq (الخالق)).

We fully accept that God created everything. Literally. But we call Him our Father? We assume We are His children. Astaghfirullah.

Only humans and creatures have off-spring – Allah is far superior than His creation. To compare Allah swt to His creation is blasphemy and illogical to say the least. Instead, we are His slaves and He is our Master. (Malik-al-Mulk (مالك الملك)) One and Only.

“He alone is the all-knowing Creator:His Being alone is such that when He wills a thing to be, He but says unto it, “Be” — and it is.Limitless, then, in His glory is He in whose hand rests the mighty dominion over all things; and unto Him you all will be brought back”
– Surah 36; Ayah 83 – Holy Qur’an.

Make no doubt that Christians beliefs contradict with Islamic beliefs and to the Christians we are lost and as Muslims we believe that they are also, lost. May Allah guide us all. The problem is, to the outsider, all religious people believe their chosen religion and believe everyone else is lost. That issue becomes even more complex when we have different ‘kinds’ of Muslims within the Ummah each having their own thoughts believing every other Muslim is lost and the same goes with the Christians.

So how do we know, for sure, that we are worshipping Allah the way that He should be worshipped? Is our thoughts, ideas and beliefs in harmony with the Prophet’s (Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam)?

When Umar bin al-Khattab radi allahu `anhu (may God be pleased with him) was walking in the market, he passed by a man who was supplicating, “O Allah, make us of Your ‘few’ servants! O Allah make us of Your ‘few’ servants!”

So ‘Umar said to him, “Where did you get this du`a’ (supplication) from?” And the man said, “Allah in His Book says ‘And few of My servants are grateful.’(Qur’an 34:13)” So ‘Umar wept and admonished himself, “The people are more knowledgeable than you, O Umar! O Allah make us of Your ‘few’ servants.”

Sometimes when you advise someone to leave a sin, they respond with “But most people do it, it’s not just me!” But if you look for the words “most people” in the Qur’an, you will find that most people “do not know” (7:187), “do not give thanks” (2:243) and “do not believe” (11:17). And if you look for “most of them”, you will find that most of them are “defiantly disobedient” (5:59), “ignorant” (6:111), “turning away” (21:24), “do not reason” (29:23), and “do not listen” (8:21).

So be of the “few”, whom Allah says about them:

“And few of My servants are grateful.” (34:13)

“But none had believed with him, except a few.” (11:40)

“In the Gardens of Pleasure, A [large] company of the former peoples, And a few of the later peoples.” (56:12-14)

Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullah) said, “Go on the path of truth and do not feel lonely because there are few who take that path, and beware of the path of falsehood and do not be deceived by the greatness of the perishers.”



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