Such a nice read before Ramadan!

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Just as the trees need water to grow, the soul needs the Qur’an to nurture it. Qur’an helps nourish the soul, body and mind, reminding us constantly of our purpose in the world, as well as protecting us from shaytan. Let’s take a quick look at some points about the Holy Qur’an that every Muslim ought to know. They are easy to remember and quite interesting. Here we go!


1. The word Qur’an means ‘The Recitation’.

2. The Quran is also called- Al Furqaan (The Criterion of Judgement), Al-Kitaab (the book), Al-Karim (the noble), Al- Noor (the light), and Al-Huda (right guidance).

3. It has 114 chapters; 30 Juz (parts), 540 paragraphs and 6236 verses.

4. The Quran was first revealed in the Cave of Hira in Mecca to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) at the age of 40.

5. The Quran was revealed on a night called the Night…

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Women and Riya


What a powerful story!

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We women often fall into the habit of riya unintentionally.

Riya means showing off or doing something to show others. However our intention to do something should be just for the sake of Allah alone.

A man came to Hazrat Thanwi rehmatullah alaih and said
“My wife is insisting on attending a wedding where there will be mingling between men and women, photography and other sinful acts. I am not allowing her but she’s still adamant on going. Please tell me what I should do?”

Hadhrat Thanwi rehmatulla alaih replied
“Fine, tell her she may go…”

Surprised the man asked

“But Hazrat you said its not lawful to attend a gathering where sin is taking place”

Hazrat replied
“Tell her she may go on one condition. .” (And then Hazrat told him the condition)

The man went home to his wife and said
“I allow you to attend the wedding…”

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You can be smart and still be ignorant as hell.

nMany times we have heard others criticize Islam (both Muslims & non Muslims) and say Islam is too STRICT, too BARBARIC, too MUCH and too EXTREME. But very rarely have I heard someone disbelieve in Islam because it is TOO LENIANT – until today. I was reading a story (on Facebook) about a prostitute who … Continue reading You can be smart and still be ignorant as hell.

15+ Reasons to End your Cable connection Today

I agree with this 100%.

Although, I have a TV, I barely watch it. Even when I was non-Muslim I only spent a limited amount of time watching TV, it just doesn’t entertain me. Nowadays, I watch Huda TV (an Islamic channel) and the occasional film if it is good. But I know I can do more, we call can do more! May Allah help make it easy for us. Ameen.


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

In the beginning of last Ramadan, after Fajr Salah, my husband asked a brother if he was going to break fast at the masjid. He smiled and he said, “I should, my wife is very angry with me.” He continued to tell my husband that he cut off satellite TV to their house and she was furious.

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me she came home from school one day she could not find a single television under their roof. Not in the living room, not in the family room, not in the bedroom.

Practicing Muslims and even non Muslims that care about the well being of their family are continuing to dispose of their TVs.

Not only does it reduces our attention span and clarity of mind, but it prevents the light of the Quran and Sunnah from…

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We are all one decision away from a completely different life.

So, once upon a time you were an 'ordinary girl' you wore jeans, explored in make up and went out jogging in the evening's... the world was your oyster. You didn't even know there was another world out there, another life, another religion called Islam. But somehow, by the grace of Allah you are here. … Continue reading We are all one decision away from a completely different life.

Should married couples fight and argue or not?

A man during a flight to KSA started missing his wife so much that he forced the pilots to make an emergency landing. True Story. http://life-in-saudiarabia.blogspot.com.eg/2017/04/a-man-during-flight-to-ksa-started.html Marriage. #Romantic #TrueLove Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Actually, I think my own husband would have a party on the plane at the thought of leaving me for a vacation. Free time with … Continue reading Should married couples fight and argue or not?

I don’t think you’ll ever realise you changed everything for me.

Although I know, you were only the reason, all Praise belongs to Allah for Guiding me and showering me with Mercy and Forgiveness. I've always known that this person deserves a mention on my blog, other people deserve to know him and learn from him, because for me he is one of the best... Even … Continue reading I don’t think you’ll ever realise you changed everything for me.

Tips I use to motivate myself to pray consistently & never miss a prayer…

After all, for some who lack understanding or knowledge (May Allah increase us in both) a life of prayer seems like a life of restriction. I have met thousands of Muslimah’s who struggle with praying on time, if they are praying at all. (Of course, there are plenty of Muslim men too however I don’t … Continue reading Tips I use to motivate myself to pray consistently & never miss a prayer…