Women and Riya


What a powerful story!

We women often fall into the habit of riya unintentionally.

Riya means showing off or doing something to show others. However our intention to do something should be just for the sake of Allah alone.

A man came to Hazrat Thanwi rehmatullah alaih and said
“My wife is insisting on attending a wedding where there will be mingling between men and women, photography and other sinful acts. I am not allowing her but she’s still adamant on going. Please tell me what I should do?”

Hadhrat Thanwi rehmatulla alaih replied
“Fine, tell her she may go…”

Surprised the man asked

“But Hazrat you said its not lawful to attend a gathering where sin is taking place”

Hazrat replied
“Tell her she may go on one condition. .” (And then Hazrat told him the condition)

The man went home to his wife and said
“I allow you to attend the wedding…”

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