You can be smart and still be ignorant as hell.

nMany times we have heard others criticize Islam (both Muslims & non Muslims) and say Islam is too STRICT, too BARBARIC, too MUCH and too EXTREME.

But very rarely have I heard someone disbelieve in Islam because it is TOO LENIANT – until today.

I was reading a story (on Facebook) about a prostitute who after sleeping with a man, got up, performed Ghusl (A specific way to wash your body before a special ritual or to perform prayers.) and performed 2 rakka’s for the Fajr prayer.

The man was astonished and asked her why she prayed?

She said, “That was that and this is this.”

And quite rightly so. It doesn’t matter what sin you do, it shouldn’t stop you from performing other obligatory acts of Worship and most importantly: the prayer.

But then, a family member commented (on the same story) and said that it sounds as though Muslims can do whatever they want and they just have to seek forgiveness. (Doesn’t seem fair or logical)  whereas in her beliefs, anyone who breaks one of the ten commandments will not be forgiven. Period.


I explained that Allah is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving – He can forgive ANY sin that He chooses. He is clear in His rules and Our obligations but at the end of the day, He will choose to Forgive and can Forgive ANY sin i.e no sin is TOO big that Allah may not pardon. (Except Shirk of course). Subhan’Allah.

For me, this is the beauty of Islam. The Rahma ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

However, for my family member this was a problem (fair enough). We all look at things from a different perspective depending on where we are in life…

But I continued to explain (It’s very rare that I get to talk about Islam to my family members OR in this way) Most people attack Islam for its “barbaric rules” not the other way around.

To be honest, I have never heard this opinion before (whoever breaks the 10 commandments will not be forgiven), even when studying Christianity at school I was never told this. The Christians around me were encouraged from an early age (Around 7 years old) to go to Church, approach the Priest of the church and attend “confession” where they tell all of their sins to the Priest who they call Father and he will forgive you or ask God to forgive you (I’m not sure which) Either way, 100% haram/shirk! Au’tho Billah, may Allah guide all of us.

Back to the topic, it seems that there are people who do not agree with the concept that Allah can forgive any sin and maybe it is confusing. Why do we not bother to sin all day long then if Allah will forgive us, anyway?

A reasonable question but a Muslim who fears and obeys Allah swt should be sincere and modest. And, although there is an opportunity to be forgiven, we will be questioned about the sins we repented from.

A man asked Al Hassan: “If the person repents from a sin will he be forgiven?” He replied: “Yes.” He then asked: “Will Allah expunge it (from his book)?” He replied: “No; by Allah. Not until He stops him and questions him about it.” Then Al Hassan began to cry and he said: “If the person did not cry except due to shyness from Allah the Exalted, this should be enough to make him cry.”

تعظيم قدر الصلاة 2 / 842 وانظر جامع العلوم والحكم ص 180

Al-Awza’i said Bilaal ibn Sa’d said: Verily Allah forgives the sins, but He will not expunge the sins from the book until the person is questioned about them on the Day of Judgment; even if he repented from the sin.

المورد العذب المعين من آثار أعلام التابعين

Al-Qurtubi mentioned the hadith:

It has been narrated by Ibn Umar— رضي الله عنهما —he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم saying:

يدنى المؤمن يوم القيامة من ربه حتى يضع كنفه عليه، فيقرره بذنوبه، فيقول : أتعرف ذنب كذ ا؟ أتعرف ذنب كذ ا؟ فيقول : رب
أعرف قال : فإني قد سترتها عليك في الدنيا، وأنا أغفرها لك اليوم، فيعطى صحيفة حسناته “

The believer will be brought close to his Lord on the Day of Judgment until He shields him. He will make him confess to his sins. He will say to him: “Do you remember this sin? Do you remember that sin?” He will reply: “My Lord, I remember.” He will say to him: “Verily I covered your sin in the world and I forgive you for it today.” Then he will be given his book of good deeds. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Al-Qurtubi said: “This is in reference to the sins he repented from.”

And Al-Qurtubi said: “This does not contradict what is in the revelation and the hadith about the sins being transformed into good deeds by repentance, because perhaps this will occur after the person is questioned about his sins. And Allah knows best.”

So Remember:

  • When you see a non-Muslim, tell yourself that he is better than you for he could become Muslim just before his death while you could become kafir just before you die.
  • When you see a Muslim younger than you, tell yourself that he is better than you for he disobeyed Allah swt less than you.
  • When you see a Muslim older than you, tell yourself that he is better than you for he loved Allah swt more than you.
  • When you see a Muslim with less knowledge than you, tell yourself that he is better than you for he has disobeyed Allah swt by ignorance but you disobeyed while you knew.
  • When you see a Muslim wiser than you, tell yourself that he is better than you for he learned more about Allah swt than you did, he fears Him swt and obeys Him swt more.Although Allah swt may Forgive all sins, we don’t use this as an excuse to sin. Obviously.

    May Allah Forgive all the believing men and all the believing women. Ameen.


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