I don’t think you’ll ever realise you changed everything for me.

Although I know, you were only the reason, all Praise belongs to Allah for Guiding me and showering me with Mercy and Forgiveness.

I’ve always known that this person deserves a mention on my blog, other people deserve to know him and learn from him, because for me he is one of the best… Even though, he is not perfect (of course!) his stamina, despite his old age, his determination, despite his haters, his focus and positive attitude made me believe him, it wasn’t always what he said, but how he said it. Some people called him rude, some people called him arrogant, some people called him unfair but in this world of hypocrisy I call him real! His nickname was the Lion of Islam and if you haven’t heard about him, please allow me to introduce…. Shaykh Ahmed Deedat.

Also, this is one man I can write about, praise and adore without my husband ever getting jealous because a) he is an old man. b) he has passed away when I was 13 y/o (May Allah mercy him) and c) he loves him just as much!

I remember vaguely being introduced to Shaykh Ahmed Deedat, I wasn’t quite Muslim yet myself but I was definitely on the road… I was intrigued by the acts of worship and the certainty in which my husband believed his religion. He told me that a Muslim loved Allah subhana wa’tala and Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) more than anything and anyone. I wasn’t shy to express my utter confusion and inability to fathom this information…

“How?!” I proclaimed.

You never met Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)and how can you love him more than me?

Subhan’Allah I didn’t understand and felt hurt to be honest.

Nowadays, I sort of laugh at the situation, I fully understand and in no way compete with my husband’s love for his religion, of course. But with lack of understanding and natural inclination to compete, I felt outraged and rejected this information with sadness and tears in my eyes, I told my husband, “Well I love you more than anything even though you don’t love me more than anything…” so childish but so me.

Fast forward a few years and it is an honor and a privilage to love Allah subhana wa’tala and Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) more than myself, my family and everything in this world.


Back to Shaykh Ahmed Deedat, for me he is the pride of this religion, he gave so many Muslims their backbones, back. Until now, you can find his video’s on Youtube and I highly recommend watching a few. They are hours long and debate style, seeing as he is a scholar in Christianity, Islam and has powerful knowledge on Judaism and Hinduism, too. He is someone to trust and learn from.

I used to spend hours watching his video’s often staying up ’till Fajr, saying to myself, “just one more…” and every few months, I find myself re-watching Ahmed Deedat on Youtube and remembering why I love him so much. (May Allah mercy him and grant him Jannah).

It’s not only his career that is impressive and admirable, but his character and strength. He already mastered many languages and in his 70’s still had the will to learn more. SubhanAllah! (Think how difficult it is for us to learn one new language) whilst he knew many. There is no doubt that he was extremely and rarely intelligent, he knew Surah’s from the Bible and Qur’an off by heart, how we rely on Google to search, he relied on himself. MashAllah…

What changed everything for me, and something I only reflected on recently, was his honesty and certainty! In the beginning, I didn’t have much knowledge on Christianity (although, I called myself Christian) never mind Islam… but he did and it exceeded my expectations. I remember thinking, I want to be on the same religion as this man, I want to live my life with as much certainty as he does, I want to be sure about my way of life like he is…

He spent his final days paralyzed from the neck down, communicating via blinking… and some people say, although I’m not sure it’s definitely true… that he wrote a book even though he was bedridden.

Some of his books are available (for free) here: http://www.muslim-library.com/category/english/islam/deedat-library/?lang=English

And please, check him out on Youtube and let me know your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “I don’t think you’ll ever realise you changed everything for me.

  1. accidentallyinked says:

    Salam! ❤ I saw a comment of your on Scottish Muslimah's blog and I thought I should check your blog and I am glad I did. 🙂
    What a beautiful post to read! Made me smile and this post has this positive vibe, MashaAllah! 😀

    You talked about a really awesome person.Even though I haven't watched alot of videos and stuff, I know enough to call him a great man!
    How about you share one of the videos you liked best?

    Liked by 1 person

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