“Not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim.”


Many times, we have heard this saying to the point, I almost believed it myself. Always on the news channels, sometimes daily, there are news bulletins of a terrorist attack happening either in the Muslim world or in the non Muslim world. However, I noticed something else…depending on exactly where the attack happened, the news coverage will be round the clock or very little coverage.

For example, if it were to happen in a European country the media coverage would be full, every channel, news bulletins would be reported so that every household is informed that a Muslim performed yet another terrorist act…

Whereas, if it were to happen in the Middle East , it would have very little and very often no coverage whatsoever. None. The only reason some of us learn of it in the first place are through social media – the people, the public.

And sometimes it happens in the West however it’s towards a Muslim therefore there is also, again, hardly any coverage.

For example, the ‘Chapel Hill Shooting.’ Three young Muslims were killed in broad daylight. Media reports said it was over a ‘parking lot dispute’ (almost makes it sound justified don’t you think?!) The truth is it was a hate crime and media took three whole days before reporting it at all. They were forced to cover the story due to social media pressure from the public. This hate crime was done by an atheist who hated Muslims yet he is a ‘lone wolf’ not a terrorist…

This begs the question why are the media biased in terms of sympathy? Why is there so much selective outrage? Why do we feel a sense of pity for other Westerners but not people from the Far East? Aren’t we all equal? Are all terrorists Muslim? Do I share the same Faith with all of these psychopaths? Let’s find out…

According to FBI reports only 6% of terrorist attacks on American soil are by Muslims. I agree 6% is a lot, I am ashamed however what about the other 94% – they are Christian, Jewish, Atheist. 94 is a lot higher than 6 – yet some Americans believe all terrorist attacks are by Muslims. FBI reports prove them wrong.

That figure decreases in Europe. According to Europort (a European version of the FBI reports) only 0.4% of terrorist attacks are by Muslims. Not even 1%. Shocking…

So where does Islamophobia come from?

Islamophobia is artificially created. 10 years ago we had never heard of this term before.

There are people who pay millions towards ‘charities’ which promote Islamophobia… In fact, 8 donors donated 57 million to the cause.

e.g., Lindtt & Harry foundation spent 7 million on Islamophobia charities. The charities provide lectures and send people to do terrorist attacks acting as Muslims.

The Media has a high influence on people, that’s a fact hence why advertising is a billion dollar industry. The American Blockbuster, “American Sniper” showed a rise of 85% hate towards Muslims after they watched it.

“Violence by man against man is in contradiction with any religion worthy of that name, and in particular with the three great monotheistic religions [Judaism, Christianity, and Islam]. Life is sacred, a gift of God,” – Pope Francis.

What can we do about Islamophobia and how can we tackle the propaganda against almost 2 billion people who follow Islam?

As Muslims we believe everything happens for a reason, by the Qadr of Allah right? We all agree. So when terrorist attacks happen regularly in our world, like Antaka and Brussels – this means Allah has willed that to happen.

So with that thought in mind, we have to try and ponder the bigger picture. This could be a test for all Muslims worldwide. This could be a chance for us to smile more, be kind more in our daily lives and show the world through our example what a Muslim really is. There’s no time to slack, we cannot afford to let the ummah down.

Also, if you are Muslim and you retaliate the Islamophobic attacks with similar rhetorical insults. You are just as bad as them and you are failing.
We do not return evil with evil – we return evil with kindness and forgiveness.
We have the right to be angry, frustrated and even upset when our Faith is constantly being bashed in the headlines and press. But we have to swallow our pride and keep smiling. Keep being you. Positive vibes always win.

Let’s pray for the victims of the terrorist attacks worldwide, all of them. That is equality. Muslim blood is not worth more than non Muslim blood and vice versa.
Let’s show the world we are different, let’s show the world that Islam is Merciful, Forgiving and full of love.

We know better, we know that terrorism has no religion but there are millions of people full of fear, ignorance and thanks to media corrupted against Muslims and refugees. In the end, we will pay the price.
We cannot control what others think, the only thing we can control in this life, if anything, is ourselves.

Let these attacks be a reminder that life is short – do your best. Do not wait for tomorrow as tomorrow waits for no one.



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