I love the beauty Allah has placed in the Maghrib sky.


Why are these pictures satisfying? Automatically we are drawn to it, we feel safe and complete and HAPPY! Just looking at this picture, no matter where we are in the world, New York… China… Dubai… nowhere compares. We feel like we would be happier there, wherever it is. We picture our skin in the warm sun, we imagine the soft sand exfoliating our feet & the feeling of being in the water. It makes us feel free, alive, relaxed and at peace…

This reminds me of the feeling of fitrah. Fitrah is a feeling we believe, as Muslims that every human being has. We all have it, we don’t acquire it through life experiences rather we are simply born with it.

“Islam is the natural religion that a child if left to itself, would develop.”
– Lady Evelyn Cobbold

Allah created us, that’s where we come from, that is Our Home. So when we are reminded of Allah, when strangers listen to the Qur’an for the first time, when toddlers hear the adhan for the first time, when adults are reminded of their purpose through words, books or people – they feel that same feeling. Warmth and safety. It’s inevitable that when we die, we will be returned to Allah. It’s without a doubt but some people just don’t know it yet…

They have abandoned their fitrah for many years, or perhaps they have never had the opportunity to experience it yet. Like a person who has never been to the Caribbean or never even seen a picture of it to know what it looks like… how can they long for a place they don’t know exists?

Similarly, how can a non Muslim with no knowledge of Islam and/or religion feel a longing to meet and please Allah?

And just because some people don’t know the beautiful, exquisite island of Bora Bora exists, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist… they just haven’t found it yet.

On another level, Allah is everywhere, Allah is more than our minds can imagine and His pleasure is worth more than any treasure on this earth. The picture-perfect Maghrib sky is nothing more than a grain of salt compared to the afterlife what Allah has planned for His believing slaves…

We all believe in Allah, deep down just like we believe in the Maldives and Bora Bora… beautiful places on earth that instantly make us feel happy and calm…

This is the feeling of fitrah. Belief that there is no God but Allah… Belief that He is in control of this world, this Universe, this Galaxy and beyond…



3 thoughts on “I love the beauty Allah has placed in the Maghrib sky.

  1. Khawlah says:

    “The picture-perfect Maghrib sky is nothing more than a grain of salt compared to the afterlife what Allah has planned for His believing slaves…” – Subhan’Allah what a beautiful reminder, and so true! I love the way you speak so poetically and link the beauty we see around us to even more beautiful reminders of Allah, mashaa Allah. May Allah bless every word you write for His sake and reward you with the very best ❤️ Ameen.


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