Religion never caused problems, ignorance has.


I think something we sometimes forget is that Allah is God for everyone, not exclusively Muslims. He loves, protects, provides and answers to the non Muslims, too. SubhanAllah.

For reverts, this is probably easier to understand we just have to look at non Muslims and remember it was just a few short months/years ago that we were once, them.
For those born into Muslim families, it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m sure most, if not all Muslims went through a ‘lost’ stage. Think back to then and give mercy to your fellow humans.

Part of our duty as Muslims is to give da’wah. Personally, I’m not one for standing in the street handing out leaflets to strangers. It’s just not my thing but there are many more subtle ways of giving da’wah.
Smiling, being kind, having a good character, being honest, showing empathy and being friendly – are all key characteristics of being a Muslim and therefore inviting people to Islam.

After all, approaching someone you don’t know, reminding them of the Hellfire and being aggressive/threatening their “bubble” will surely only backfire?

Think about it.

Even as a Muslimah, well aware of Jannah & Jahannam – if a stranger approached me shouting about Hellfire I would stay clear.

Maybe he’s lost his mind? Astaghfirullah. I would think it, I’m not going to lie. Because it’s just not normal or necessary. In this day and age we have to be more wise. We have to respect other people are not living an Islamic lifestyle and quite frankly that’s none of our business.

It’s them who are missing out so what do we have to feel agitated about?

At the same time, we don’t have to fit in, adapt or make our beliefs a grey area. No, we should be firm, confident and knowledgeable. There will always be occasions to talk about Islam & in those moments don’t compromise your Deen for anything or anyone, but until then live and let live.

Smile at the girl with blue hair in bunches, music blasting in her ears.

Get to know the girl who confesses that she is vegan & atheist. Everybody knows at least one in their life.

Only recently, I was talking to one of my atheist friends (may Allah guide her) – Valentine’s day was approaching & most people were talking about their plans. Muslims including. I didn’t say anything, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to remind my Muslim brothers and sisters in public that celebrating is haram but at the same time if someone asks me, I don’t compromise Islam one percent…
So, eventually I was asked.

“What’s your plans for Valentine’s day?”
“We don’t celebrate it.”
“Oh really? Your husband must be the luckiest man in the world…”
“No, not really. He still buys me chocolates, sweets and gifts but we don’t choose a particular day. We celebrate Eid al –Fitr & Eid al-Adha… but we don’t obey society and give gifts on specific days, we obey our religion which tells us to give gifts in order to increase happiness.”
My atheist friend did not think it was a bad idea, she did not feel threatened by her lifestyle but instead we had a mature conversation & at the same time I was clear, there is no grey area.

Prophet Muhammad (Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) said:

“Exchange gifts as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.”


And eventually, I bought her a gift. And needless to say she was extremely happy. May Allah guide her sweet soul.

I believe if you follow Islam, regardless of those who think it’s a 7th century religion, you will be respected for that. People can’t help but respect someone who has a purpose but doesn’t have to force others to join it. They just happily live it. Eventually people want a piece of that happiness that radiates from you. They want to know your secret…

& then you have the opportunity to tell them the secret is Islam…. Allah swt…



3 thoughts on “Religion never caused problems, ignorance has.

  1. Abbie says:

    Your winner words for me were ‘ I don’t compromise Islam one percent…’ i feel that Islam being a 7th century religion is the readin it is so complete – so comprehensive. It brought order to the chaos the world was in in those dark times. I agree, there should be no grey areas

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