Things mean only as much as the meaningfulness we allow them to have.


Whenever you feel teary, emotional, fed up, down, depressed, struggling and just negative in general – remind yourself that it’s ok.
You’re human and you were created to have feelings. You weren’t created to be happy all the time or to feel pleased around the clock or to never feel grumpy when things are going wrong. It’s completely normal to cry – in fact it’s healthy. It means your heart is still alive.

It’s common to hear people complain about life, about their job, about their colleagues, about their partners, about their children, about their environment, about their bills. You name it, you can just about picture many people you know who always complain.

Try not to be this person. Try to see the positive side to everything, look to those who have less than you. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said,

“When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, look to those, who have been given less.”


Surround yourself with those who smile more. Read books that are uplifting, avoid social media that is not benefiting you. And if you must complain, complain to Allah.

I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah.’ – Surah 12; Ayah 86 – Holy Qur’an.

Life has so much to offer. You don’t need to open your pockets, just open your mind.
Open your mind to Sabr. Everybody knows this word & it’s roughly translated to Patience but how is patience going to help us? I know I was brought up to go out and get something if I wanted it. Make it happen. Don’t wait around… so how does my upbringing differ with Islamic teachings?

To be honest, it doesn’t. Sabr is not waiting around for magic to happen or a miracle or a bunch of flowers to arrive at your door with all your wishes come true. No. Patience is striving, working hard, setting goals, not complaining and constantly controlling oneself in words and actions.

Every friend or family member will sometimes hurt you: its a part of being human. Realise you too inevitably hurt others,& learn to forgive.

How can we complain when we have the most Merciful of the Merciful looking after us? Even when we fall sick, He takes away our sins. When we are ill, He removes our bad deeds. He forgives us in our sleep. We cannot ever express enough to Allah for His mercy but we can change our attitude.

Thank people. Speak to people gently and with amazement and awe. For what they believe, they become.

“He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah

[Ahmad, Tirmidhi]


2 thoughts on “Things mean only as much as the meaningfulness we allow them to have.

  1. Khawlah says:

    Just beautiful, masha’Allah. Positivity and sabr are subjects I have had on my mind a lot recently, and you have summed up everything I needed to read ahamdulillah ❤ "Life has so much to offer. You don’t need to open your pockets, just open your mind." – this quote is perfect! Masha'Allah, your writing is so beneficial to those who read it, may Allah allow you to forever continue to spread your beautiful thoughts and reflections ❤ Ameen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shukrallah says:

    Ameen beautiful soul ❤ Thank you SO much for reading & not only reading but leaving your goodness here – may Allah reward you with light, guidance and happiness.
    Thank you so much for all of the support you offer, it means a lot to me and I'm amazed at your posts, every time. If you have never thought about it before, you should consider making a book. It would be so beneficial to the Ummah walahi.

    Barakallahi feeki sister ❤ xx


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