My Inspiration: Khawlah


There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

Is it possible to be inspiured by a person you’ve never met? Well, most of us do it. Be it a celebrity, famous person or whoever we see on TV these days…

One of my inspirations is a fellow blogger and enthusiast. Although we’ve never met and I don’t even know what she looks like, where she’s from or what her favourite colour is, I know that she is my sister in Islam, we are united by more than just a hobby, interest or ethnicity. Allah has made us sisters in Islam and I am so grateful that there are beautiful, sparkly souls like her in this world.

I came across her in one of the most challenging months of my life. When I look back, I feel bad for calling it a challenge but also I feel proud that I actually got through it. Alhamdulillah wa Shukrallah.

God is nothing but Good. I’ve always known this and never doubted this. You only need to read His 99 Beautiful Names to truly fall in love with Him. “Religious people” are not necessarily the ones who look so, very religious or do random acts of worship. Relgious people are those whose words make you feel calm and safe. Their words are full of meaning, life, wonder and power. People like Khawlah. I have loved every single post she has written, I feel like she writes to help people. She truly feels the Blessing of being lost and found by Allah and literally wants others to feel that, too.

The only time you should look in your neighbour’s bowl is to make sure he has enough.

I found this quote recently and I thought this is it. This is Islam. This is the purpose of believing in Allah. This is why religion is the source of all good. This is why Islam changed my life, Khawlah’s and everyone who believes… You don’t just do good, to do good, because you are good or because you feel like it, or because someone asked you to…

You do good for Allah. You know this world is a journey, a test, a playground. A deceiving place but also a good place if you make it. There’s enough room in this world for everyone and everything and enough resources to go round – Allah made sure, just some of us forget to look in our neighbour’s bowl.

Khawlah’s blog and Facebook page keeps me grounded. I check it at work, at home and I always feel a sense of pride, a sense of belonging and a reminder that I am Muslim.

First and foremost, I am Muslim. Whether I like it or not, I represent Islam and what a beautiful Blessing that is.

Thank you Khawlah for all of your hard work, your research, your ideas and your stories are honestly a pick-me up and sort of like the calm in the middle of the storm.

You are going to find the cloak that fits, because it was made by the One who also made you.
– Khawlah

Oh Lord, teach me to love others as I love myself. And teach me to be as hard on myself as I am on others. Please increase the righteous in Your Blessings, keep them safe, protect them from the sudden onset of Your punishment and from all that displeases you.





5 thoughts on “My Inspiration: Khawlah

  1. BritDeshiMummy says:

    I was discussing this with my husband. I want to better myself , I want truly want for others what I want for myself . Having my son made me become selfless in a good way! Inshallah we all should strike to be the best we can , you never know who you are inspiring X

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    • Shukrallah says:

      The fact that you WANT means that you will in sha Allah! It’s beautiful that your son has made such a positive impact and increased your kindness just ask Allah to increase you in humility. I think mothers are naturally selfless that’s the beauty of becoming a parent Subhan’Allah.

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  2. Khawlah says:

    Subhan’Allah, I am almost crying reading this post! ❤ ❤ ❤ I came to your blog this morning to read through your latest posts because I had just earlier this morning been talking to my Mum about you and about how much you uplift me! Wallahi sister you have such a beautiful heart and soul, I pray that Allah allows us to meet in this life and that you're not disappointed with what you see me as in real life! May Allah allow us to be all of the good that people see us as, and forgive us for our shortcomings. Ameen. Your posts are so beautiful and also remind me of how fortunate we are to have been guided to Islam. Alhamdulillah for this wonderful deen that allows us to see, feel, and experience the good in everything – the joys and the trials. And alhamdulillah for being able to 'meet' and connect with you, you repeatedly uplift my soul 🙂 ❤

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    • Shukrallah says:

      Subhan’Allah ❤ ❤ Isn't it strange how half way across the world you have these vibes about someone? It's the strangest thing ever… I always talk about your blog to my husband and he just politely listens but has no idea what I'm talking about or why it fascinates me lol. Your blog, your perception and your writing is so amazing…
      Walahi, I was thinking the same thing – if we ever met, I am rubbish at talking and never communicate the way I do when writing LOL but in sha Allah we will cross path's one day!

      Thank you for all your kind words walahi I appreciate it ❤

      The best servants are those who love Allaah, and make Allaah love His servants [by reminding them to turn to Him].
      Ibn Abi Awfah, Mawsu'ah Ibn Abi Dunya 2/391


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