The world has a serious shortage of both logic and kindness.


There are tests which come in hardships. People, situations, circumstances can sometimes make you feel like you are drowning, like the water is crushing your chest and it’s a struggle to breathe. The Shaytan whispers that you are not good enough, you are a bad Muslim and the only justice is if you go to Hell…

Other tests come in ease. The same people, situations and circumstances can make you feel on top of the world, like you are doing more than enough, life is a paradise and all because of you. You worked hard to pay for the 10 holiday’s a year and all the times you have gone against Allah yet He has never punished you, anyway you are Muslim so you are definitely going to Heaven…

Both mentalities are as wrong as each other. Islam is a religion of ease. It’s about recognising that everything is a test – the good and the bad.

As much as we adore life when it’s easy, money is coming in the door, family members are all talking to one another, you are surrounded by everything familiar to you and your fit as a fiddle. Nobody enjoys life when you fall ill, money is tight, family are arguing and fighting and every day feels like a fight just to live.

Which circumstance brings you closer to Allah?

How often do we forget Him when we are happy, smiling and life is good. How often do we forget to make du’a… walk past the masjid…. Slip further and further away from the Sunnah…

Yet when we go through pain and hardships we beg Him. We lay in bed full of sincerity making promises to Almighty Allah to change ourselves, to become better, to get closer – to be a better Muslim. We beg Him for a second chance, to ease our pain, to guide us. We realise our life is nothing without Allah.

The second is better for you, if only you knew.

Don’t feel sorry for the homeless person selling a few packets of tissues with nothing to keep her warm but her Tawakkul. Don’t feel sorry for the child-less couple who spend their nights praying Tahajjud together, patiently asking their Lord for a child. Don’t feel sorry for the sober, “boring” man walking home from the Masjid at 4am – his heart is pure and he has found his purpose in life.

We need to look in the mirror and feel sorry for ourselves. We have money yet we don’t share it with anyone. We seek provision from anyone but Allah. We have large families yet no one talks. We pray late yet judge others for their clothes. We make plans and forget to pencil in Allah to our diary.

“A calamity that bring you closer to Allah is better for you than a Blessing that distances you from Allah.”
– Ibn Qayyim.

Once you understand the wisdom behind a test, it will be so easy for you to overcome it. Don’t despair, don’t even complain and ask ‘why me’ rather ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to grant you the wisdom to understand your situation. Everyone has a different character, a different fate. Everyone takes different paths but we have the same destination in mind: Jannah. And by Allah, peace will come to you when you finally accept the reasons of that test. There is always something to learn when tested. Always.



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