Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning.


Are we failing? Are we ignorant? Are we arrogant? Are we a bit of all three? I once saw a youth tweet that he is #ExMuslim because Allah banned music and music is beautiful.

What have we done? What future are we building for our children? When are we going to wake up, smell the coffee and take responsibility for ourselves, our families, our neighbours, communities and fellow country-men alike.

I apologise for my slightly nagging post today but I have been beating around the bush (mostly with myself) and following the crowd trying to keep peace (maybe subconsciously) with the pressure to show others that Islam is peaceful.

But we don’t need to prove that Islam is peaceful, it always was and always will be. It’s also merciful, just, kind and teaches you how to live peacefully, at peace within yourself and find peace in this life and the next.

What am I going on about? Basically, there are a hell of a lot of Muslims but no Islam. Similarly, there is also Islam but no Muslims.

There are many men around nowadays with beards but unfortunately very little with Taqwa, Tawakkul and Gheera for Islam.
Likewise, there are many youth who know every lyric to every song but haven’t learned a new Surah since they left school…
There are many dad’s out there who think and implement “Islam is in the heart” it doesn’t matter what their children are actually doing, as long as they are happy and not hurting people.
There are many strangers, like me, who think it’s not my business what others do, it’s not my place to inform people and it’s easier to live and let live.

This is all true but there is a balance. We have to remember consciously that our purpose as Muslims is to invite others to Islam. Through our own life. Just by living. If we follow Islam, we will implement Islam and we will show others how beautiful Islam is – it’s that easy!

But we don’t follow Islam, we follow a diluted, buffet style version. We’re all in the same boat and we’re sinking…

What’s worse is we believe we are doing enough, we are good enough – we are Muslim at the end of the day therefore, we are safe, safe from Allah’s Judgment and Punishments.

How gullible.
How naive.
How ignorant.

Just because you’re a Believer does not mean you’re safe from the Hell-Fire. 
– Nouman Ali Khan

“And if Allah were to impose blame on the people for their wrongdoing, He would not have left upon the earth any creature, but He defers them for a specified term. And when their term has come, they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they precede [it]”
Surah 16; Ayah 61 – Holy Qur’an.

There is a very fine, neat line between being polite, hospitable and caring for our fellow humans, these are great qualities to have and something I see flowing out of Muslim’s everywhere however the fine line is compromising our Deen, our dignity and our own values. These should come second to none.



2 thoughts on “Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning.

  1. Chelsea MuslimahHealthy says:

    This is unfortunately so true. I am all about helping to educate those who are ignorant about Islam but so many Muslims think that means compromising our deen. They think we need to prove our “normalcy” because apparently societies definition of normal is the right definition. We shouldn’t be embarrassed or shy away from our differences as Muslims. We should use those to shine, to stand out and to show people why Islam is so amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shukrallah says:

      It’s so hard to be the odd one out sometimes hence why some Muslims feel the need to fit in…
      May Allah protect us, our families and unite the Ummah to follow the Sahaba and the Prophet (saw).


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