Happiness is…knowing that this world is not Jannah.


Who brought us from nothing, into this world and where do we go when we leave this world?

I think some people get lost in life in trying to make this life Jannah. Whether going on excessive holiday’s or having excessive parties or eating excessively; we are all essentially trying to make this life as perfect as possible.

How can this life ever be perfect when there’s so much destruction around us?

If all we worry about is today (The Dunya) how can it be possible for us to worry about tomorrow (The Akhirah)?

If you don’t believe in an Afterlife, ask yourself, is this life sufficient enough?

Enter it in peace. This is the day of Eternal life.” Surah Qaf; Ayah 34 – Holy Qur’an.

Christians believe Jesus (ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) died on the cross for mankind’s past and future sins. Islam rejects this theory completely. Each soul will be asked for no one but himself.

Therefore, Heaven requires effort. Don’t sell your hereafter for the cheap price of this dunyā.

It is said, Hellfire is vailed by desire and Heaven is vailed by hardships.

As Muslims, we understand that you have to go through Hardships to reach Heaven, to reach success. And what a blessing it is to be Muslim… He gives Mercy and Blessings to every creature on Earth, every human. But He gives understanding of the Deen only to those He loves.

Prophet Muhammad (Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) said: “This life is like a prison for the believers. Paradise for the disbelievers.” Not a truer word spoken.

When you look at the sea, it seems like it doesn’t have an end. But we are all aware that the sea ends somewhere. On the other side of infinity is a coast.

It is the same with our trials. When you go through them, it seems like they’ll never end but eventually they’ll end. Therefore have patience and seek help from your Lord, because He is The Merciful One.

Regarding what Allah has prepared for us in the Hereafter then this life is nothing, whereas for the disbelievers it’s more like a heaven compared to what’s to come which is much worse.

Every one of us has a choice, Allah has made us with a brain, a will to choose and a conscious. Any able, thinking adult gets to choose where to go. SubhanAllah the choice is fully ours. Hell or Heaven. Heaven or Hell. It’s that simple.

Wake up every day and strive for Heaven, as if you are going to die tomorrow and remember Allah is Watching you.

Allah says, “Remember Me and I will remember you.” Surah 2; Ayah 152 – Holy Qur’an.

Or wake up every day and ignore the After life, live as if you will live forever and Forget Allah.

Allah says, “They forgot Allah so He forgot them.” Surah 9; Ayah 67 – Holy Qur’an.


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are—Allah demands no more.
– Yasir Qadhi


5 thoughts on “Happiness is…knowing that this world is not Jannah.

  1. Khawlah says:

    May Allah reward you for this beautiful and beneficial reminder. It is so true, we often get lost in this dunya, and get frustrated and impatient when things in this life don’t go as we’ve planned. This world is the testing place, not the resting place. Perfection is for Jannah, and we need to earn our right to rest there ❤


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