99 Names of Allah – Ar Razzaq


The Total Provider

Allah is The Sustainer, The Provider.

It’s not our bosses who provide for us, neither our husband’s, our parents, nor ourselves – it is Allah. He is the Provider.

I think true contentment and inner peace comes from realising that Allah is the distributor of Rizq. A lot of Muslims don’t realise their Rizq never mind non Muslims.

Everything you have and will have or did have is at the Will of Allah (swt) He is the most Just towards every human ever born.

To feel envious of others because of the blessings they have, such as health, wealth, looks or material gain is a waste of energy and ignorant to the blessing you have yourself.

The biggest blessing you can ever have is a connection between you and Allah (swt). Nothing else can compare to that. ‘…And whoever places his trust in Allah, Allah is Sufficient for him…’ – Surah 65; Ayah 3 – Holy Qur’an.

Your wealth has already been written by Allah, just like the date of your death. Nothing you can do can either increase or decrease it. Work and provide because Allah commands us to work, but don’t chase money or the dunya.

If you are struggling, simply make dua to Allah that He puts blessing and barakah in your wealth and focus on the more important things.

‘If you were to rely upon Allah with the reliance He is due, you would be given
provision like the birds: They go out hungry in the morning and come back
with full bellies in the evening’ – Prophet Muhammad (saw).

All of us want our prayers and dua’s answered on time, but how many of us actually pray on time?

The most overlooked blessings in life are usually the most important. SubhanAllah, a sister mentioned how if Allah didn’t move us in our sleep, our blood would clot. Think about it, when we’re not in control of our body movements, Allah is The One Who turns our bodies over and causes us to change positions. This is our Rabb, This is just a tiny demonstration of the Mercy of Allah, and how often do we thank him? It makes me feel ashamed to even think about it.

What is meant for you, 
it will be yours. 
Stop torturing your mind,
And wasting your time thinking about
Unnecessary things. 

Calm down. 
Perform your daily prayers
And don’t stop dua.
Do lots of dua’s.
Do lots of Tahajjud. 


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