You can’t liberate the free!


Does anyone else agree it is a complete waste of police time to handcuff and arrest innocent Muslim women whose only crime is covering her own hair and body?

Apparently some consider this normal and her lack of hair or skin is offensive. I can think of many offensive swim wear choices but somehow the Burkini is not one of them…

I cannot believe we live in a world where it’s become debatable whether or not a woman has the right to choose what to reveal or to conceal.

They say they are fighting “Islamic extremism” however forcing a woman out of clothing is as violent as forcing her into it.

It’s sick. It’s misogynistic and I will never in a million years agree with it.

“Wear what you want – you live in the land of the free.” – they say. Unless you wear hijab that is. Selective freedom is not freedom.

Freedom comes when you love and fear the Creator more than the creation.

– Yasmin Mogahed

Islamophobia is on another level. There are Jewish Orthodox banning children over the age of 5 from riding bicycles as it is provocative and banning women from university degree’s – yet the media, the law and the general public feel Islam is misogynistic?!

As Mufti Ismail Menk says, “How can hijab be oppressive when in most countries it requires greater courage to wear it thank to remove it yet it is worn?”

This is the fact that most people are missing. You are not liberating her when you force her to remove her clothes. Hijab is worn by women – for women. This has nothing to do with men. We wear it at home praying to our Lord. We wear it outside for our own modesty, respect and protection. Growing up, I was always taught that my body is my business. Nowadays, the law are trying to take that right away from us and we need to stand together to make change. We need to understand that a public beach is for all people. You choose to wear your bikini and I respect that, it’s your choice what to reveal. I choose to wear my burkini and I should be respected, too.


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