The choices that you make, make the person that you become.


There is a massive difference between what Muslim’s do and what Islam teaches, however to the non Muslim anything a Muslim does stems from Islam and you can’t blame them, they will never think Islam is perfect but the Muslims are not… that’s why everyone of us whether we like it or not, are ambassadors for Islam. We have the blessing of showing others what Islam is, without even speaking. Our actions alone speak volumes… the question is, what message are we sending?!

A controversial topic in Islam is hijab and most people (Muslim and non Muslim’s) relate this to women only. But this is not true. Hijab is prescribed for both genders although different instructions are given to each.

As a Muslimah who wears a “God scarf” or whatever you call them, naturally, we stand out. Without even convering everyone knows we are Muslim – by our scarf. We wear an ayah of Qur’an. Subhan’Allah…

However, what do we say when people accuse Islam of being prejudice or a man made religion. What back up do we have when a man’s aura is never spoken about as if it doesn’t exist in Islam?

Countless times I have seen men shirtless on the beach enjoying the beautiful rays of sunshine on their skin while their wives and family members are protected and covered, many times men wear shorts outside and nobody bats an eyelid… many Muslim men today smoke cigarettes openly without shame but I am yet to meet a female who does so (mostly it would be done in secret out of shame from the community.)

All of this, is so backwards and just plain wrong. Haram has made been haram by Allah for the protection of ourselves, our societies and for other reasons outwith our capacity to understand.

#DidYouKnow in Islam men should wear their trousers/garment above their ankle…? Literally above the ankle. Any jeans, trousers, garment that falls below the ankle is forbidden. 

As the Prophet (Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) said, “Whatever part of the lower garment is below the ankles is in Hell.” and “There are three to whom Allah will neither speak on the Day of Resurrection nor will look at them nor purify them (i.e., of their sins), and they will be severely tormented.” When he repeated this (statement) thrice, Abu Dharr (RA) said: “They are doomed and destroyed! (But) who are they, O Messenger of Allah (SAW)?” He said, “One whose lower garment trails, one who boasts of kindness shown to another; and one who promotes sale of his business by taking false oaths.” (Muslim) Allah will not look nor speak to them on the Day of Judgement.


The sunnah for men is to wear trousers/garment till mid leg, if this cannot be done (let’s face it that’s a bit too much in the 21st century) then above the ankle is suffice. Most Muslims have *forgotten* about this Hadith. Parents worldwide accept their sons wearing trousers below the ankle, if you were to comment you would be a ‘fundamental extremist‘ so when a daughter chooses not to wear hijab why is the same courtesy not extended? Who are we following, Islam or society?

Islam is perfect Muslims are not. I don’t blame the non Muslim for believing Islam is prejudice, I blame the Muslims for picking and choosing which parts of Islam suit their own preference and leaving out others.



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