The idea that some lives matter less is all that is wrong with the world. #Palestine

Isn’t it ironic, how we tell others to stay strong, have tawakkul and have sabr, yet when it comes to us we forget and can’t do it ourselves.


Palestine. I am sorry. I failed you. Brothers and Sisters who are oppressed I’m sorry. I hate the evil in this world and the people who hurt you. I’m sorry that you are never on the news that you are forgotten about. I’m sorry that sometimes I even forget to pray for you. I’m sorry that I eat my lunch every day while you go hungry. I’m sorry that fasting is no longer a ‘choice’ for you but something that you do out of necessity. I’m sorry that they killed your parents, children, sisters, brothers and eventually you.

I’m sorry Palestine, I will never forget you. I have never seen a community with such strong Faith. You inspire me from the deepest parts of my heart. When I see pictures of you facing up to your oppressors I become speechless at your willpower and Faith in Allah the most High. Your strength will never be forgotten, your trust in Allah despite the odds will always shine, your smile and will to carry on through the hardships does not come naturally to us and for that I am forever grateful to you for showing me what it means to be Muslim.

To Love and Thank Allah for the good times and for the most awful of circumstances too.

You lost your houses but you did not lose Allah. You lost your mosque’s but you did not lose your Salah. You lost your family but you did not lose your Tawhid.
I love you Palestine and on the Day of Judgment I want all of you to be in the Highest parts of Jannah. Verily, our Lord does injustice to no one.

Islam teaches us to not to let the tough times and not to let the good times distract us and to remember that life is just a test… and Palestine is the prime example of that



“Allah. There is no god but He, the Ever-Living, the One who takes care of all that exists.” Surah 2 Ayah 255; Holy Qur’an.


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