Islam has treated Muslim women not only fair but generous.

What is degrading about the headscarf? Since when is it ok to label people. There are many women who wear a headscarf for religious reasons yet only Muslim women are labelled as ‘oppressed’.


Why do Orthodox Jewish women, Amish women, Catholic women, Japanese Buddhist Nuns, Hindu women, Sabian women, Baptized Sikh women – to name but a few – wear the headscarf.

But Muslim women are oppressed.

If women, collectively i.e over a billion worldwide were forced unwillingly to wear hijab for the rest of their lives. Do you really think that’s possible?
Come on… 
There is nothing in my religion, nor in my life that I am forced to do. Alhamdulillah… if we started viewing every women who does not wear hijab as ‘forced’ what would happen? If we were as ignorant as you and thought that some man has forced you to take off your hijab and walk around with your hair out – you’d think I was crazy wouldn’t you. Well, look in the mirror.

There are women, living in Switzerland fighting for the right to wear Niqab. They are being arrested, fined thousands of dollars and still refuse to take it off.
Do you think this is because of her parents. Or her husband. Don’t you realise how much easier it would be for her to take it off but her devotion to her Deen is what stops her. Her choice. Her life. Her mentality. Her right (or so I thought) but it turns out we live in a society of double standards…

If you want to be physically naked in the street, collectively in your thousands for a photography shoot (this happened recently in the UK) that is fine, who cares? It’s a free world. Take your clothes off. The sky is the limit… you are liberated.

Wait a minute, you’re telling me you want to cover every inch of your face and body? How come? Not in this country. That is not allowed. You don’t have this choice. You have to take off some of your clothes…

See the double standard?

Muslim women are easy targets. It’s easy to target a women going about her business, going about her day and arrest her for wearing a headscarf.
The real challenge is arresting and prosecuting the criminals. The drug abusers, the theifs, the drunkards in the street, the abusers, the rapists, the murderers… The people that actually make this world unsafe.

What can you do to help? Stop agreeing with the politicians, the Islamophobes and the mass public. Stop ignoring issues such as this exist in the world.  Even if you don’t know a single Muslim women personally, she is not an alien. She eats, farts and watched her favourite programmes just like you. Infact, she even prays for you. Strangers, lost souls… etc… That ‘scary’ women dressed in black, loose clothes – she prays for you. When the rest of the world are asleep she wakes up, washes herself and prays to her Lord to forgive her, you and everyone on this planet.
Can you imagine that? Did you know that? Stop hating because the media told you to. Be nice and wonderful things will happen.

#UnapologeticallyMuslim #BlackLivesMatter #StopSelectiveOutrage #Peace



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