Kill them with kindness.

Whether it’s in the Middle East or in the West, whether it’s white people, or black, whether it’s a Muslim or a Christian, whether it’s gay people or straight people – we are all human. We all bleed the same blood… and nowhere, under any circumstances, for any reason or cause is killing innocent people every going to be permissible.

Allah says in the Qur’an, “Whoever kills a person [innocent person]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

It’s clear. This is our religion. 

Mass murders and terrorism has nothing to do with religion. Terrorism has no religion. This says more about America and its gun laws than anything else.

In the UK there has been 1 shooting since gun laws were places in 1997.
In Asutralia that figure is zero.
In America, there were 373 mass shooting last year alone.

Furthermore, Canada has had 20 mass shootings in 20 years.
America has had 7 since Monday.
On this occassion, the serial killer was Omar. Apparently, he’s Muslim too – bacause of his name but does this make him Muslim? Does this guy share the same Faith as me? I don’t have a Muslim name but I am certainly Muslim so how would the media view me? Does our name define our Faith? Does the colour of our skin determine our innocence?

It’s important to note that less than 4% of mass shootings in America are by Muslims. Pointing at the 4% while ignoring the 96% isn’t just dumb, it’s bigotry. It’s senseless. It’s a double standard and it’s about time Muslims stopped feeling the need to apologise for a crime they did not commit.

I thought actions spoke louder than words.

Here we are… in this Blessed month of Ramadan. A month of Mercy and Forgiveness. A Month where Muslims are not even allowed to argue with one another, curse or gossip… (This isn’t allowed any other month either) however, in Ramadan, as we are fasting we are psychologically more aware and conscious of our actions therefore it’s much less likely to happen – never mind commit mass murder.

If a Muslim is fasting – praying – reading Qur’an – preparing breakfast – praising God, alongwith working, praying extra and doing charity and other good deeds, does that Muslim person have the time or even the desire to kill innocent lives?
The answer is no.
This has nothing to do with religion. You can be non Muslim and still you don’t suffer from Islamophobia. Likewise, you can be Muslim and not suffer from Homophobia. It’s about education. Live and let live and strive for Peace.


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