One year on, what can I tell you?

I have learned. A lot. I have learned about myself, about others, about the world, about people, about Allah SWT. I have learned yet I still have SO much to learn…

Some days I want to scream, HARAAAAAM!!!! at fellow Muslims. Other days I feel like I am the worst Muslimah in the entire world… (drama queen) but most of all, I try to ‘treat people according to how they appear and leave it to God take care of what’s in their hearts.‘ as Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA) would say.

Recently, after a conversation with an old friend she asked me when I got so wise?! And I thought wise? I’m just a bunch of chromosomes and organs trying to get through this life like everyone else, making mistakes and asking Allah to forgive my shortcoming’s. This is the thing, we are all in need of His Mercy. Even the best of us. Imagine the very best person you know, all the qualities you admire… the strength… the charisma… the kindness but yet, you still find imperfections, things you hate, things you wish you could change… because no one is perfect. We will never reach Jannah through our good deeds alone. Regardless, of what we do we will never be able to Thank Him for all the Blessings. We will get there only by His Mercy, by His Will in sha Allah. We will get there if we try. That’s all God asks from anyone, some effort, some courage and a leap of Faith!

I think the most important thing I have learned is the purpose of life: ‘And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me’ Surah 51 Ayah 56; Holy Qur’an. 
Billions of people search their life for their true purpose. The meaning of life. The reason they were created. Why they were created. What is life? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions at least once in your life then are you even human?! Joking aside… Perhaps, you are not mature enough, but one day you will. Life will hit you in the face and you will have no where to turn. A serious of unfortunate events and you will be left with nothing, maybe a broken heart and it might just be the Mercy you needed from Him to question yourself, your life, your future… your death.

We are all just a number of days. Each year, as we grow older, we are in fact crossing the date of our death. On one of those days just like the date of your birth it will be the date of your death. Yet, we are smiling, celebrating life, clinging to life, buying things we can’t afford to impress people who are human just like you, focusing our energy in all the wrong things and then wondering where did everything go wrong?!

The happy part is it’s never too late. Never, ever, ever, ever. Don’t stay stuck. Allah swt doesn’t care what you have done in the past, or how long you left Him, that is the Beauty of Ar Rahman Ar Raheem. He will accept you anytime and welcome you and replace your bad deeds with good deeds, if you should only ask.

Islam, my religion, teaches us not to let the tough times destroy us and not to let the good times distract us, and to remember that life is just a test.

‘There is no contentment in
anything in this world.
Short moments of delight, sure.
But lasting comfort, no.
Whatever reason this world gives to smile,
it gives more to weep.
Everything is so short.
Everything is constantly changing.
The people, the moments, the feelings.
The love is never as vibrant as at first.
The moment is never as funny as the second.
Things in this life have to be captured in its time,
they can’t be stored or preserved as we wish.
Only Allah stays the same.
The deen stays the same.
That is the rock.
That is the wall to lean on.
That is the shade to sit under.
That is the safety of the heart.’


4 thoughts on “One year on, what can I tell you?

  1. Shukrallah says:

    Wow that is slightly spooky! I feel like we are paralleling each other’s life’s. lol.
    So you converted/reverted just before Ramadan? Thanks for stalking my blog, I was stalking yours earlier – I love it!
    Barakallahu Feeki.


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