Misconceptions of Sharee’ah Law

The sharee’ah is being demonized in the world today and this is greatly due to ignorance and what the media has done to taint the image of Muslims around the world.

‘Sharee’ah’ means ‘the source’ meaning the source of Law.

Sharee’ah Law is not only Islamic. Sharee’ah Law is also in the Christian and Jewish religion.

St Paul in the New Testament declares:
‘A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I don’t permit women to teach nor have authority over a man; she must be silent.

Something I notice, is the word ‘I’ who is ‘I’? Does God use the word ‘I’? Was it the words of Jesus (as)? Or is this St.Paul himself fabricating the Word of God? St Paul continues…

‘For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.’

The ‘original sin‘ believed by Christians is because of a women. All blame is put on Eve not both genders. In other words, one woman acting on her own caused the fall of humanity.
The logic that women are in submission to men is because God created Adam first.
Makes sense? No. But this is what the Christian Bible says.

*The Quran places equal blame on Adam and Eve for their mistake. Nowhere in the Quran can one find even the slightest hint that Eve tempted Adam to eat from the tree or that she ate before him. Eve, in the Quran is no temptress, no seducer and no deceiver.
Moreover, Eve is not to be blamed for the pains of childbearing. God, according to the Quran punishes no one for another’s faults. Both Adam and Eve commited a sin, then asked God for forgiveness and He forgave them both.

Next point is that people argue this was based on the ‘people of history’, we live in the 21st century and women are now (eventually) equal to men. But is this view point necessarily true?

Recent statistics show men working full-time in the UK earn on average £29,441 per year and women in the same full-time jobs earn only £23,889. Women who have children tend to pay more expenses for childcare whilst working full time, they get tired both physically and get mentally drained from working all hours only to get paid less. Why is it after 103 years of fighting for equal pay, women are still paid less than men?

Another example is that 146 years ago, the Parliament of the United Kingdom issues the ‘Married Women’s Property Act” in 1870 finally allowing women to be legal owners of their money and inheritance.
Think about that. Since the beginning of time, till 146 recent years ago it was against the law for a woman to make their own money or inherit.
Over 1400 years ago Allah and His Messenger (Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) gave women the right to keep their own money and inheritance.

Back to Islam. Is Islamic Sharee’ah Law successful?

In the late 1920’s Saudi reintroduced Sharee’ah Law and the crime rates fell noticeably. The hadd (punishment) for theft up to 1970 (a duration of 50 years) was not implemented more than twice per year.

Stop and think.

In a 50 year period with a population of: 28 million Saudi Arabia had no more than 100 theft charges. (quite impressive to me)
In one year alone (2015) in the UK, there were 10, 270 charges or robbery.

Yet somehow, we are meant to be scared to live in Saudi more than the UK?!

Mankind should be more concerned with obesity rates. In America alone, 300,000 people die every year due to obesity. Compare that to the ‘death penalty’ in Saudi Arabia (the world’s epitome country to represent Islam) which only has an average of 100 executions per year.

300,000… 100… which one are you more scared of? I’m definitely more concerned about obesity than Sharee’ah Law.

Six months after the introduction of Sharee’ah in Sudan, crime decreased by more than 40% despite President Jaffar Numeiri’s release of 13,000 prisoners at the time of decreeing Islamic law because they were not sentenced under the Sharee’ah.

Likewise, in Iran, crime has dropped significantly.

Some people bring up the “Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi” debate. First of all, SAUDI ARABIA’S GOVERNMENT DOES NOT REPRESENT ISLAM.
The reality is the King’s of Saudi don’t represent my Faith anymore than a random stranger I come across on my daily tasks.

The truth is the world focuses on the hadd (punishment) part of the Sharee’ah Law alone. If the world focused on the punishment system of America, would you feel intimidated by America? Perhaps you wouldn’t visit the country out of fear.

Islam stands for Justice.

In Harvard University, the leading University in the world it has three quotes in the Entrance Hall chosen for their words of Justice, one includes a verse from the Qur’an:

“O ye who believe!
Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses
To Allah, even as against Yourselves, or your parents,
Or your kin, and whether
It be (against) rich or poor:
Allah is more worthy of both.
Follow not your desires, lest you not be just..”

In this verse, Allah is addressing the importance of truthfulness in testimony. Sharee’ah Law is just like any other law, to protect the citizens and ensure justice for everyone.


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