Muslim women ARE oppressed.

Muslim women are oppressed. Everyone agrees. We are oppressed.

Whether by the police who are meant to protect us. Or by the teachers who are meant to educate us. Or by our friends who are meant to support us. If you are a Muslimah, you will face oppression at least once in your life.

However, it’s not our religion that oppresses us. It is you! It is not oppressive for a Muslimah to wear hijab. It is her right, and it is her freedom. She chooses what you see. She is in control. She does not follow the latest fashion trends, the celebrities or the society which constantly hound women to ‘get in shape,’ ‘you are not good enough’
Islam tells each and every woman you are good enough. Your body is your business. Allah instructs us to cover what is ours for our own protection and liberation.
When you ask a Muslimah to remover her hijab you are the oppressor.

A non Muslim argues that a Muslim woman is ‘forced‘ or ‘pressured‘ into wearing the hijab by her family, her culture, her husband or any other source they can think of but if this were true (and this is totally wrong) … how then, is it ok to pressure her & force her to remove it? Is this not the other side of the same coin?

Mankind as a whole has to put an end to this double standard. It is prejudiced and mysoginist to assume anyone else has an opinion on what I should or should not wear. Allah Alone tells us to wear hijab, the choice remains with you to follow His command or not – not others.

“If you don’t fear God, you will fear everything. If you fear God, you will fear nothing else.”

A Muslim fears nothing and no one except God. It does not matter if you look ugly or you don’t ‘fit in’ with everyone else. As long as God is happy with you as a person, you feel content, free and liberated from the control methods used my magazines, television and social media.

A Muslim American woman in a public library, was asked by a police officer to remover her hijab or leave.
That was her choice. Her crime was that she covered her body. What a criminal.
If you are a Muslimah you will understand the only choice you have is to leave. Which means she has no choice. She is denied her right to use the public library, a place to improve your education, a place for everyone…

If a Nun entered the library would she also be told to take off her hijab?

If a Christian wore a cross, or had it tattoo’d onto their skin as so many do, would they be asked to leave?
If a Jewish man was reading in peace, would his presence offend others? 

I think we all agree that Muslim women are oppressed but not by our religion as so many people think. But by ordinary people all over the world.

If you are one of those who disagree with hijab for whatever reason. I want you to know that your opinion is yours. You are entitled to that. You keep that opinion. If you despise hijab and you will never, ever wear one. Then don’t. It’s not a crime, no Muslimah will judge you. She wears it to please God (just like the nuns) so let her be… 
Let her live.
Let her breathe. Let her use the library. Let her go to school. Let her have all the basic human rights you enjoy, too.


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