She kept the dunya in her hand and her deen in her heart

As I wake up in the middle of the night angrily searching for the air-con remote lost in the bed covers I realise in that moment how blessed we are…

I think about the Prophet Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam and all the Prophet’s before him too & all the people who have lived in hot countries such as Saudi which can get as hot as 50 degrees! This might sound attractive to some, however there were no swimming pools in those days, no Air-Con machine’s to cool us down. A shower didn’t even exist. People lived simply and quite frankly worked hard.

If the Prophet Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam preferred to sleep on the floor out of modesty. Who are we to buy the most expensive mattresses we can find? Is this really necessary? Can we not think of another better way to spend our money?

Worshipping and pleasing Allah does not begin and end in the mosque. It doesn’t stop when we greet the Angel on our left and right, after our prayer. And it’s not only on the days we are fasting.
It is every day. Every minute. Every moment.

To live knowing Allah is watching you and if you cannot see Him then know that He sees you.

That means when an advertisement comes on TV of half dressed men (or women) you lower your gaze. Not just in real life like many people think…
It means when your friend is gossiping you switch off and make Dhikr or better yet advise her.. Let her know you are both sinning.
Speaking to that friendly guy/girl here or there or mixing in general – for any reason is not permissible. We know better.

It comes down to our day to day life, how we handle ourselves and how we treat others. This is Islam. And if people dislike you for that, remember that those better than you and I were disliked for the same reason.

A shaykh was asked by a young student if he can skup Friday prayers at the mosque because he has a shift at that time? And the shaykh asked him, if you had an exam what would you do? He replied that he would change his shift or cancel as he could not
miss his exam.
SubhanAllah he answered his own question.
We have come to cherish, love and prioritise the Dunya for the Akhira. Islam does not ask you to forget the Dunya and your worldly responsibilities. A wise person can do both.

Prophet Muhammad Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam said, Every nation has its fitnah (trial or temptation), and the fitnah of my ummah is wealth.


Ask yourself is your spending habits are out of control? Ask yourself if money controls you? Ask yourself if your lifestyle is pleasing to Allah?

If you’re budget allows only one holiday per year, your car needs an update and your air-con makes more noise than Cairo on a Thursday morning… this does not mean that you are poor.

In the early days, a poor man was one who did not have one time food nor a pair of dress to cover his body. It was about such poverty that our beloved Prophet Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam sought refuge from Allah. Today when we recite this dua we seek refuge in Allah from relative poverty..that we may not be deprived of luxuries.

“O Allah! I seek your refuge from the evils of the fitnah of wealth, and the evils of the fitnah of poverty.”

[Bukhari (11/176) and Muslim (# 2078)]


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