99 Names of Allah – Al Wadud

One of the Names of Allah is Al-Wadud – The Loving One.

The One who loves His believing slaves and His believing slaves love Him. His love to His slaves is His Will to be merciful to them and praise them.

As Muslims, we love Allah. We love God. Our religion teaches us to Worship Him, alone. No matter what we do, or how much we love him Allah loves us more than we can ever love Him…

Some people ask why God send people to Hell? God loves everyone.

The question is not: Why would a Loving God send anyone to Hell?
The question is: Why would anyone choose Hell over such a Loving God?

“What would Allah get by punishing you, if you are grateful and believe? Allah is Appreciating, All Knowing.” – Surah 4 Ayah 147; Holy Qur’an.

Allah is asking us to be grateful to Him. Not just when life is going well, not when we get a job promotion, or a new baby enters the family… but through everything. When you fall and pick yourself back up. This is gratitude. When you reflect on your life and whisper Alhamdulillah… this is gratitude.

O son of Adam, if you wish to know the value of Allaah’s blessings upon you, then close your eyes.

Every punishment from Allah is pure justice and every reward from Allah is pure grace. We can rest assured, every action of every person will be held accountable – the good and the bad.
When someone wrongs you – they are writing their own bad deeds…
When you do good to someone – you are writing your own good deeds… 

The Prophet Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam said: ‘Allah Most High gives worldly things to those whom He loves and those whom He does not love, but He gives religion only to those whom He loves.’

What a Blessing. To have belief. Faith… In times of comfort, and discomfort we have form Eemaan. Our belief is not determined by what happens around us instead it is increased.

Freedom comes when you love and fear the Creator more than the creation.
– Yasmin Mogahed.

The word love in the Quran
     appears in over 90 places.
But interestingly,
     it doesn’t define the word love,
but speaks about
     the very first consequence of love;

Islam talks about
If you truly love something or someone
     you commit

If you do not.
then your claim of real love
     is not real at all.


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