Sometimes goodness can come from the most unexpected of places.

Have you ever seen a baby trying to pray like her mother?

Have you ever seen a cat clean her kittens?

Have you ever seen an old lady drop her messages only to see a young boy pick them up?

Have you ever seen your mother smile as she cooks making you a delicious, healthy meal?

Have you ever seen the sky split into different shades of blue/lilac/pink/orange as the day turns into night?

Have you ever seen someone stare into space with worry only to say “Alhamdulillah” & remind them of Allah and instantly their face brightens…

These are all tiny, little miracles in our every day life’s that we overlook. We rush around all day getting things done that we stop to look around us. If you look around you, you will see God everywhere…

We get so lost in Niqab/Hijab debates, or looking at others and finding their faults when we have plenty of our own. Some of us even spend our time in arguments and disputes with strangers over what to believe – completely forgetting Allah Guides whom He wills… We are all guided differently, and at different times. We’re not responsible for what other Muslim’s do and likewise we’re not responsible for what the non Muslims think or do…
All guidance belongs to Allah – He mercy’s whom He wills… If you feel yourself connected & on the Straight path – you are one of the Blessed few – cherish that.
Criticizing others will only take this Blessing away…

The purest kind of love is to pray for someone. We, as humans cannot control others. Our friends, colleagues, spouse’s, parents – they all have free will. No two people are the same. If you’re struggling with someone, regardless if you love them, maybe you hate them – as a Muslim you should pray for them.

Maybe there is someone you know who refuses your help, refuses your advice or guidance. Maybe there’s someone you know who you wish you could help but something is stopping you. Maybe you feel like it’s not your place, or you don’t know what to do to help them.

Just Pray.

Take your prayer mat and pray to Allah. Ask Him to help them, guide them, look after them. That is better than even your biggest wish/dream come true.

And don’t forget, every time you pray for someone, the Angels pray to Allah and wish the same for you too…    ❤

If you feel constricted by Islam, either your heart has been corrupted, or your understanding of Islam has been corrupted.
– Saad Tasleem


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