10 Reasons why I love Hijab


1. Hijab is an act of belief and faith, however it’s not the only one. So when I wear hijab I am obeying orders from Allah subhana wa’tala.

2. You elequently let the world know your body is your business. You step out of the ‘competion’ between women which sometimes subconsciously we are all part of.

3. It’s a reminder to spread good and be a good role model for those younger than us. It’s a reminder that modesty encompasses: my walk, my talk, my dress, my thinking and my actions.

4. I never have to worry about what my hair looks like – I literally get ready in under 20 minutes and walk out the door. #Free #Liberated

5. There are so many beautiful hijab’s to suit every style and need. I love putting together outfits that match my hijab in an elegant way.

6. Subconsciously other people respect you. Since wearing hijab, other men (strangers) have never really spoke to me, approached me, shaken my hand or spoke with me. This cannot be said when I don’t wear hijab, unfortunately. Men in Islam have a responsibility to lower their gaze and respect a woman no matter what she is wearing or what she looks like.

7. It is a symbol of your relationship with God. Muslimah’s fast, pray and strive every day. Why not make the hijab a symbol of your dedication to Him? It goes hand in hand with our other responsibilities.

8. For me, it’s a form of self-love and self-respect. It’s a daily reminder that we live for Allah and to Please Him, we respect ourselves therefore others will respect us…

9. It’s one small way to be grateful to Allah for choosing me to be a Muslimah…

10. The word hijab comes from the Arabic word “hajaba” meaning to hide from view or to conceal. And that’s exactly what we do, my physical beauty is for my husband and yours is for yours and the lines are never crossed, and I think that’s beautiful.


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