Enjoy and Thank Allah for the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were actually the big things.

Why is it we only ever appreciate a blessing when it’s gone? We get a cold and we remember how amazing it feels to breathe out of an unblocked nose. We lose our car keys, and forced to walk a few miles and forget about the people who have no legs. We take it for granted coming home to a warm, safe house and family every day and complain about the little things when there are others alone, fighting for their lives? How come it takes bad news for us to remember the good. How can we not learn to be grateful without being forced to?

Our Prophet Muhammad Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam was the most positive spirit, he was cheerful and pleasant towards all human being’s regardless of race, colour or background, he gave rights to everyone – even the animals and nature around us.

There is a story that the Prophet Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam found a boy called Umair who was happy taking care of a bird he had called Al-Nughair, so each time he went past him, the prophet asked him: How is Al-Nughair? And Umair would happily respond saying he was fine.

One day, the prophet saw Umair crying and asked him how is Al-Nughiar, so the boy said, Al-Nughair died, O prophet of Allah. With that, Prophet Muhammad, stopped to console the boy and to try to cheer him up.

That was our Prophet Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam, kind caring and merciful. Despite his difficulties and trials, depsite him losing his father before he was born, his mother when he was 6, his beloved wife, Khadijah after 25 years of Blissful marriage. He once said about her, “She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when people rejected me; and she helped and comforted me when there was no one else to lend me a helping hand.” He loved and lost many people in his life but despite this counted his blessings and prayed until his feet were swollen.

True contentment & happiness does not come from anything other than being Grateful. In many places in the Qur’an, Allah compares the terms shukr and kufr.  “Then remember Me; I will remember you. Be grateful to Me, and do not reject Me” Surah 2 Ayah 152; Holy Qur’an.

Allah reminds us: ” And whoever is grateful, he is only grateful for the benefit of his own self” Surah 31 Ayah 12; Holy Qur’an.

To say Thank you in Arabic we say, ‘Shukran’ it’s one of the first words I ever learned in Arabic years ago. Every time I say it to my nephew, who’s only 8 he replies Shukrallah. How sweet is that? Every time. It’s like saying, don’t thank me – all thanks to God. One word can mean so much… Try to count your blessings, even the small ones, as without them life can become upside down.

Have you ever thanked Allah for your eyes? Two small parts of the body that we take for granted. 300 Million people worldwide are visually impaired & 39 million are blind.

After each obligatory prayer, make sujood and Thank Allah from the heart for Guiding you and choosing you to be Muslim.


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