Treat people with your manners, not theirs.

You have no idea how much a simple like or a kind comment means to a Muslim…

I’m not talking about what I had for dinner last night, or a selfie I took in the best light with a few filters to show the world “I am happy in my own skin” No. I’m talking about the people who look past a Muslim (ew! She wears a scarf on her head she must be weird) And see a human. A human being just like you. 
Whether you wear a scarf, don’t wear a scarf, have a beard, I honestly don’t care. Whatever your beliefs are – they belong to you.

When a non Muslim, either someone I barely know, or perhaps someone in my own family like my blog posts. Or they like an article I have shared about human equality, animal rights, or third world hunger issues – I feel a sense of contentment. Alhamdulillah. Humanity is not lost.

When you become Muslim you feel the backlash. You feel the Islamophobia. Before, you were just an ordinary, white person who did not have a particular belief or Faith, most people call it Christianity but deep down we know that we have never opened a page of the Bible in our life…

This lifestyle is accepted within society. Call yourself a Christian but don’t dare follow Christianity don’t actually practice. Don’t follow the teachings of Christ. Don’t put God first…

The same goes in Islam. 

If you are Muslim and you have an opinion – you are backwards, judgemental and insulting others.

If you are not Muslim and have an opinion – you are honest and entitled to that and your words have no effect on others.

We are all human, we all have an opinion and personal beliefs.

You might be reading this as a non Muslim thinking I don’t care. I don’t have a problem with Muslims or any religious person.

You might be reading this as a Muslim, probably in tears, thinking why does the world hate us?

The truth is the world doesn’t hate us. It just feels like it. There is a double standard though, within the society and it affects us all in different ways.

Regardless if we are Muslim or not we all have the same rights. We all belong to the One God and to Him we will return. We all need to look after each other while we are in this big, blue planet. Look after your Muslim neighbour as much as your Christian one and vice versa. 

“The best of you are those who are the best to mankind.”

“God will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind.”


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