Billions of souls in the darkness and Allah chose yours to be guided by His mercy.

A very mysterious yet inevitable part of life are being born and dying. They are both chosen by whom? We know and understand, all of us, regardless of religion that we don’t get to choose when, if, why, how, where we will be born or die…

Who brought us from nothing, into this world and where do we go when we leave this world?

“…and no person knows in what land he will die. ” Surah 31 Ayah 34; Holy Qur’an

If you don’t believe in life after Death, where is it you assume we come from? A random miracle? From Space? Aliens? Apes?

“He created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, The Forgiving.”
Surah 67 Ayah 2; Holy Qur’an.

The simple answer – the absolute Truth of the matter is we are sent here by God – Al Khaaliq – The Creator; The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence.  We are born perfect and pure, to grow and Worship Allah ( and then to Him is our return (death). Meanwhile, we have been given guidance in a book form called the Holy Qur’an which includes answers to everything; where man has come from, where is he going to, why is he sent to this earthy life, what he is instructed to do etc…

If you are reading this, ponder many people in your life have a bad word to say about Islam, think about the people in your neighborhood who would openly dismiss Islam, think about the governments leading the country who try to ban Islam, think about the people worldwide, who think Islam is the root of all evil.
How then, has one message, one book, recited and memorised in the minds of ten’s of millions of people worldwide, never once been changed, fabricated, altered… How is that possible?
Out of all the religious texts sent to Earth, or on the planet, they have been changed, it’s written on the Bible itself Author: unknown. The Christian people accept and are aware that the Bible is the Word of God and man. Alongwith every other religion. They accept fabrications, mistakes and contradictions as their chosen religion, as the truth, as their guide…

If you were going to visit a new country for the very first time, by yourself and you done a bit of research of reputable tour guides to do your trips with, for example.
Would you choose the company who has zero contradictions, zero mistakes, a good reputation and a constant product that never changes over time?
Or would you choose the company with a few mistakes, a few contradictions, different versions of the same product some made in China some made in the UK but you don’t know which one is the ‘authentic one.’

This is how you need to view your chosen religion, it is your right as a human being to find out your purpose of life. To realise that religion is not a farce of a word if you implement it correctly. Do a bit of research if you don’t believe me and find out for yourself 🙂


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