Is this the life I used to kick my mother’s womb for?

Every once in a while, we go through our homes and we clean them from top to bottom. We clear out the things we no longer use. We organise our wardrobes according to the season and afterwards we feel calm and relaxed because our house looks in order.

We have to take this approach with our own lives too. We have to decide where we are going, we need to clear out the old friends that hold us back. We need to consider where we’re going wrong and who we are pleasing? Society or Allah? Can we do both? Question yourself and your life’s purpose then make a plan to get your life and relationship with Allah back on track.

It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t been practising for. It doesn’t matter how many times you have forgotten Allah. It doesn’t matter that you cannot remember how many Rakka’s are in Maghrib. What matters is that you make a conscious decision to come back to Him.

“Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future” – Umar Ibn Al Khattab.

Umar, once a clear enemy of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) he wanted to kill the Prophet, yet turned his life around, became one of his companions, one of the Kalifah and is now buried next to him, in Mekka and he is one of the ten, mentioned in the Qur’an promised Paradise. Subhan’Allah.

We can take an important life lesson from him. We can realise that even the enemies of Islam are potential Muslims, potential believers. Allah knows while we know not.
Despite the 200,000 dead in Syria, 500,000 dead in Iraq, 26,000 in Afghanistan, 500,000 in Palestine and 31 in Brussels. Despite the constant terrorist attacks happening worldwide, depsite the #StopIslam trends on Twitter, despite the world turning against Muslims – we have to see the light. 

As Muslims we believe everything happens for a reason, by the Qadr of Allah right? We all agree. So with that thought in mind, we have to try and ponder the bigger picture.
This could be a test for all Muslims worldwide. This could be a chance for us to smile more, be kind more in our daily lives and show the world through our example what a Muslim really is. There’s no time to slack, we cannot afford to let the ummah down.
Also, if you are Muslim and you retaliate the Islamophobic attacks with similar rhetorical insults. You are just as bad as them and you are failing.
We do not return evil with evil – we return evil with kindness and forgiveness.
We have the right to be angry, frustrated and even upset when our Faith is constantly being bashed in the headlines and press. But we have to swallow our pride and keep smiling. Keep being you. Positive vibes always win.
Let’s pray for the victims of the terrorist attacks worldwide, all of them. That is equality. Muslim blood is not worth more than non Muslim blood and vice versa.

Let’s show the world we are different, let’s show the world that Islam is Merciful, Forgiving and full of love.
We know better, we know that terrorism has no religion but there are millions of people full of fear, ignorance and thanks to media corrupted against Muslims and refugees. In the end, we will pay the price.
We cannot control what others think, the only thing we can control in this life, if anything, is ourselves.
Let these attacks be a reminder that life is short – do your best. Do not wait for tomorrow as tomorrow waits for no one.


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