So You Want To Take off Your Hijab?

A lot of people say it’s obligatory therefore you have to do it whether you like it or not. But would you convert to Islam whether you liked it or not? Absolutely no way. No sane adult would do this; the same goes for accepting parts of the religion that you are not familiar with. The bad news is: no one is going to make it optional, no one can tell you that taking off your hijab will be a decision that Allah will Forgive and there will be no consequences however the good news is: you are not alone.

It’s ok if you don’t feel comfortable in hijab immediately or find it hard to wear in public.
Physically you will look different and that will take time psychologically to adjust to the “new you.” It can be daunting – I completely understand – I’ve been there.

If you do not wear hijab yet, make it a goal – show you are trying. Set a date, take baby steps, wear it on your good days, wear it loose, wear it in private, wear it wherever you are comfortable, day by day you will grow to wear it properly as Allah has stated & remember Allah loves the small deeds done consistently more than the massive good deeds done once in a while.

“Girls are obsessed with being desirable, not desiring, as this is what society tells us to be, and it’s a real problem. It’s sad these characteristics are suppressed, so you have to break free…”

– Héloïse Letissier

The world has gone mad. Not only women, but also men, worldwide are obsessed with their appearance. In this superficial world it is more beneficial for you to stand out – You have to be odd to be number one. 

Wear your hijab, be the odd one out. It makes you unique and you should be proud of that. Let it remind you that you are a Muslim women, protected by Allah, chosen by Him to be on the Straight Path. Use your hijab as a conversation opener, be an insiration for your peers, smile and never be ashamed of who you are – people respect that, I promise you.

Most importantly, make sure you are surrounded by positive, supportive people who care about you and like you just for being you. They honor your decision and understand your struggle to become a Muslim woman.

One day you will wake up stronger and ready. You will embrace the hijab just like the day you embraced Islam. Full of Hope and Strength, you will feel more comfortable wearing hijab than you ever did without.

Wear it for your own modesty, wear it to protect you, wear it for other women, wear it so that you are not a Fitna for other women and wear it for Allah.

A woman’s beauty is not in your shade of skin, your figure or your features. True beauty is in your heart, your Iman and your love for your Deen. So few men understand this. Even fewer women do.

No one starts off Muslim and can recite the whole Qur’an. Similarly no Muslim woman adjusts to wearing hijab in one day.


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