Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

I think true contentment and inner peace comes from realising your Rizq. A lot of Muslims don’t realise their Rizq never mind non Muslims.

One of the Names of Allah is al-Razzaq; The Total Provider

Rizq is an Arabic word for provision. Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla is in control of your provision. Everything is already written, your wealth, your life, who you will marry, when you will die – from above the 7 Heavens – Allah knows everything.

If you are struggling financially, firstly depend on yourself, do what you can, decrease your lifestyle to make ends meet but don’t ever feel unfortunate like Allah owes you something…Maybe he’s testing your patience, your gratitude, or maybe He is holding back from giving you what you are asking for knowing it will destroy you.
“Allah knows while you know not” Surah 2 Ayah 216; Holy Qur’an.

Not to mention strugglling is an essential part of life, if you never struggled how would you ever feel grateful or a sense of accomplishment in your life? Struggle and make yourself proud, Struggle and make Allah proud of you. Struggle for the sake of Allah and that struggle is a form of worship – May Allah reward you.

“The one among you who wakes up secure in his property, healthy in his body and has his food for the day, it is as if the whole world were brought to him.”

Some of our ‘problems’ are actually blessings in disguise. What is meant for you will not go by you. Put your Trust in Allah. He will Provide for you in ways you cannot imagine. There is no problem without a solution. Some of our problems others would die to be in our position. ‪#‎Perspective‬

– Just 2% of world have indoor toilets.

– 1.6 Billion people – one quarter of the planet – have access to electricity.

– There are 2.2 billion children, half of those are living in poverty.

As soon as you feel yourself about to complain, stop, make a list of things that Allah has Blessed you with instead, go into sujood and Thank him sincerely and I promise you will feel better. Make a plan, find a solution. There is always light in the darkness you just have to find it…

Never ask others for money; this is begging and unless in dire need this is considered haram in Islam. There are Muslims using “GoFundMe” pages however if you are thinking to make one be very careful: evaluate your situation and ask yourself if you are literally in dire need or not. To have a “GoFundMe” page means that you have a computer. This is not struggling. This is a typical ‪#‎FirstWorldProblem‬ – we all have problems but I assure you if your biggest problem is financial then you are more blessed than one million others who won’t survive this week due to health problems.

“If you are grateful I will surely give you more”  Surah 14 Ayah 7; Holy Qur’an.

Even if you feel you are not struggling, do not chase money. Nothing you can do can either increase or decrease it. Work and provide because Allah commands us to work and provide for our families but to live a simple life is better for you, while there is nothing wrong with affording luxury or wanting nice things, it should not be your main priority. Most people live a life they cannot afford, always left in debt. Never follow the majority, always be one of ‘the few.’

The Prophet Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam used to live a simple life, he slept on a mattress or the floor most nights, he fasted twice a week and he never ate until his stomach was full. Try harder. To be Muslim means to struggle, it means you have Allah so you will never be alone and you can rest assured you will never be tested with more than you can handle.

He also said, “If you were to rely on Allah as He should be relied on, He would provide for you as He provides for the birds. They go out in the morning hungry and return in the evening full.

The Riqz is the Riqz at the end of the day. Your wealth is already written. Chasing more wealth is chasing the Dunya which leads to failure.

Never forget, the majority of Paradise, are the poor.


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